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Wow! It's already second semester of the school year.  
Scholars have been working diligently on maintaining their grades and A-G eligibility. At the moment, counselors are visiting classrooms for next years course selection process.  We are proud of our seniors who are working on financial aid applications with a soon to be deadline of March 2nd, 2023.Their counselor, Ms. Horn and I will provide them with information this month regarding local and regional scholarships to supplement their Financial Aid package. In addition, we will  be in the class rooms next week to support scholars apply to Chabot and community colleges. 
Link to register SLZUSD Internship Program
Juniors are submitting their summer internship survey and preparing for the training workshops in March. The  workshops include resume writing skills, interview skills, and professionalism skills. The students are matched with  host companies that  support  their  career interests. The program runs from June-July.
We are working with our academies to provide college and career focused tours. During the fall semester over 200 students have visited Sonoma State, UC Davis, Sacramento State, SJSU and SFSU. We will continue to provide more opportunities to higher educational institutions such as CSU Monterey, St Mary's College and UC Santa Cruz.  Freshmen will get to tour of the Career Center and learn how to use its resources in the spring of 2023.  
This month we honor Black History Month and Kindness Month.AAREA AwardeesKindness month
Our African American scholars & guests have the opportunity to attend the Black College Expo at the Oakland Convention Center. Seniors can to be considered for immediate admission with a valid transcript.
and scholarship applications throughout the year.
Should you need to make an appointment, please call 510-317-4031 or text at 510-912-5254. The zoom link is attached for virtual office hours on Monday- Wednesdays- Fridays. Click on my photo to your right to receive information on upcoming events, scholarships for juniors and seniors, and Summer Internships, and workshop dates.



Best Regards,

Cece Adams

Arroyo High School

Career Center Specialist

15701 Lorenzo Ave.

San Lorenzo, CA 94580

510-317-4031 office 

510-912-5254 cell

Schedule an appointment with this zoom link:

Meeting ID: 933 5268 6149
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Mental Health Resources-
1. National Alliance for Mental Health hotline: 1-800-950-6264 (24/7 help).
2. Text "hello" to 741741 for help.
3. Youth and Family Service: 1.510.293.7048  (Counseling Services)