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Arroyo High School Library, San Lorenzo USD

Note that once you are in the Arroyo High School catalog, you can search by Author, Title, Subject (narrow) or Keyword (broad). Enter your search term, then hit the proper search type (author, etc.)
The AHS Library has over 28,000 Media Items including books, Playaway (audio books), & DVDs (& VHS) movies for instructional purposes
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Basic Search Strategy Tutorials-- Done in Collaboration with AHS English teacher Samuel Oh
RESOURCES during the Coronavirus Health Lockdown--
FREE EBook access-- both educational Non-Fiction and Fiction to pass the time--
Abdo digital books here, link updated thru at least end of July, 2020--
Free Fiction EBooks and Audiobooks-- (mainly at the High School level)-- Note-- Please IGNORE the password request, just click on the desired book/resource and it should open, no password needed
Streaming History Videos from PBS & Ken Burns-- with curriculum support--
Reference-- Encyclopedia Britannica Online Launch Pack, Science & Social Studies-- for access, Access ID is sanlorenzo; Passcode is slzusd-- Link at
Online Streaming Educational Videos in all subjects, from Learn 360
Note-- you will need to open a Google Chrome Browser to access these, and log into the Apps with the bright "waffle" shape on your Google page. Then open a new tab, and use the link from the San Lorenzo High homepage (thank you, Ms. Marks) to access full Video access--
POETRY resource available from EBSCO databases-- FREE, until at least June 30
Utilize the Link below with these passwords-- User ID-- arroyohs
password-- trial!20
IMPORTANT-- YEAR-END BOOK RETURN for 12TH GRADE STUDENTS LEAVING AHS-- including partial Amnesty on Late fines
1. Please Note that for both staff safety and patron safety, we ask that only 12th graders and students leaving AHS (or the District) return books during the 5 days we will be open in early June (listed below)
2. Late Fines Amnesty for Students-- due to safety concerns, the Library has decided to clear minor late fines. We will ONLY collect Late Fines of $4.00 (our maximum fine, a book has been held for a year or more after due date), and will clear fines less than $4 for LATE materials (exception-- if there are fines on more than 3 items, we will ask for the late fines on the smallest items).
3. Please Note that all Missing Books currently checked out by 12th graders or departing students should be returned to a box we'll have at the Library Entrance (social distancing for you, and us) during the Hours we'll be open, posted below. This fulfills the need for Seniors to be checked out for graduation.
4. You should email LMT and CC Teacher Librarian with questions regarding the above policies.
5. HOURS we currently plan on being open are: June 2,4 & 5-- 8:30-11:30 a.m., & 12:10--3:10 p.m. Also June 9, 8:30--11:30 a.m. [Plan to be open 6 hours on June 1 was cancelled, due to vandalism and police activity at AHS]
Library Hours & Contact
Mark Schneider,
AHS Teacher Librarian
Dorothy Fitzgerald, AHS Library Media Technician
(510) 317-4052
2019-2020 School Year Hours:
We closed for the Shelter in Place starting the afternoon of March 16, will reopen when allowed.                  Please Note that NO fines are currently being assigned since 3/12/20, the  last day of student instruction.
Email us @ Teacher Librarian
Library Media Technician