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****URGENT: PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST ENTER IN YOUR COURSE REQUESTS BY END OF DAY FRIDAY 2/17/23.  The video link called "CourseReqEntryDirections" is on the right side of this page if you need a refresher on what we covered in your World History class last week. 


After 2/17/23, you will NO LONGER have access to this field on your student portal. 


  • When is the Green Sheet Due?  You can turn it in as late as Tuesday 2/21 BUT YOUR COURSES NEED TO BE ENTERED by 2/17. 
  • When are the PE Exemption Forms 11th/12th due?    - Please turn those in by 2/17 also, although turning them in by 2/24 is also permissible.   You are also welcome to turn them into the counseling office if you do not wish to wait until I visit your World History class again. 
  • When can I sign up for summer school?     Summer School information is usually available around the first week of May.  Most students complete 5 credits total; some students get 10 credits done if they work diligently.   Science and electives are not offered in recent years, so summer school is best utilized for English, PE, Health, Math, or World History.
  • What about college Concurrent Enrollment for summer?    Make sure to check the "files" to read the handout about concurrent enrollment.  Colleges usually post their summer schedule in mid-April, typically near the 20th of the month.
  • Do I have enough credits to do ROP next year?    If you are deficient credits or have fewer than 80 credits, ROP may or may not be possible for you next year depending on what type of credit recovery you need.   Both semesters of Math 1 must be passed to earn a high school diploma in California.  ROP classes that provide Math credit can be used the remainder of your Math credits, but it cannot substitute for Math 1.