Arroyo Associated Student Body


Our mission as the Student Leaders of Arroyo High School is to create a positive influence on our students by leading events and giving them many different opportunities. Although this year may be different then the rest, we as a student body will overcome these obstacles and face adversity together through distance learning. After all, the students are what matter the most and they deserve to have their voices heard. We as students can do this by creating events and pushing positive messages daily to create an environment that everyone is comfortable participating in.  As ASB, we represent all the students at Arroyo to fulfill each of our students unique requirements and desires. Our body as a whole is run by students FOR students.

Homecoming 2023 - Arroyo Goes on Vacay
October 9th - 14th


Jennifer Rodrigues
Director of Student Activities & Leadership Teacher
ASB President - Mandy Guan
ASB VP - Stephanie Espiritu
ASB Secretary - Josie Lath
ASB Treasurer - Zahara Safiq
ASB EO - Fatima Veliz