Arroyo Associated Student Body


As the 2019-2020 Arroyo Student Body Leaders, our mission is to be model citizens who should encourage unity & spirit.  In order to do this, we are determined to create a safe, dependable environment and to be kind, creative, & productive.  To be a Don we should create stories and have no regrets.


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Facebook: Arroyo Dons Student Life @arroyodons1954studentlife

Twitter: @ARROYOHS (

Instagram: @ArroyoHS


Rodrigues, Jennifer
Teacher/Director of Student Activities

ASB Officers

 ASB President - Hannaliza Sapida

ASB Vice President - Hailey Silveira

ASB Secretary -Catalina Do

ASB Treasurer - Jimena Guzman

ASB Executive Officer - Faith Marameng & Annie Xu


Spirit Week 2020 - Once Upon a Time at Arroyo
Freshmen - Ugly Ducklings
Sophomores - 3 Little Pigs
Juniors - Little Red Riding Hood
Seniors - Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
Teachers - Hansel & Gretel
More details to come next week!