School Site Council

What is the Arroyo High School Site Council (SSC)? 

SSC is a committee of elected parents and staff members whose purpose is to make programmatic and budgetary decisions in support of educational goals set forth through the Single Plan for Student Achievement and LCAP Goals .


 Who serves on the SSC? 

The SSC is made up of 13 voting members: the minimum number of SSC members at a secondary school is a total of ten (10) (e.g. 1 principal or his or her designee, 1 other school personnel, 3 classroom teachers, and 5 parent/community and pupils members).


What does the SSC do?

 The purpose of the Arroyo High School Site Council is to advise and assist the school staff in the development, implementation, evaluation, and annual review of educational programs designed to improve the quality of education at Arroyo High School. Teaching staff, parents, and administrators serve on the School Site Council. 


What is the time commitment to participate in the SSC? 

The School Site Council meets approximately 7 or 8 times during the school year. Meetings are held over Zoom at 6:30 PM, and last approximately 90 minutes. Members of the SSC serve a term of two years and may be re-elected to serve again. Deadline to submit your name for the SSC  Nominations  is Thursday September 30, 2021. Our first official SSC meeting will take place over Zoom Monday October 11, 2021 and it is open to the public.