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Back to School Night

Hello School Community of Arroyo High, this is Principal Gray asking you to save the day and date of Thursday, September 12, 2019 for our annual Back to School Night. The evening begins at 5:00 for our families of senior students only, with their Counselor Ms. Gandhari in the library. Our event for families of students for all grade levels will begin with introductions at 6:00 in the Cafeteria moving to class rooms visits at 6:15. Please join us early as parking will become more challenging later in the evening. Keep a copy of your student's schedule to help navigate the campus smoothly. Our program and schedule will be posted on our web page.  The evening will also consist of getting nominated family members for our School Site Council, more details will be shared in the opening session. 


The general session in the cafeteria will be a brief introduction to our administration and provide you with general information about the school. We will dismiss you from the cafeteria to your child’s first period class where you need to sign in. Those with students in a 0 period class can skip the overview session and meet with their child’s teacher starting at 6:00. Counselors will also be available in their offices to answer questions. A school staff member will assist you to get you in the Career Center with information on the Parent Portal if necessary as well to monitor your child’s progress. We look forward to meeting with you and sharing information about your child’s upcoming school year. The schedule below is suggested to have been filled out by your child. All P.E. classes will meet in the cafeteria with the exception of 0 period as they will meet in D22.


Please click on or print out the documentation below for more info