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Attendance Office Hours

The Attendance Office is open and the Attendance Clerk is available from 8:15 AM to 4 PM. 

The 24-hour answering machine is (510) 317-4199.


Tardy Policy

All students must secure an Admit Slip 15 minutes or after the start of each class period. Before 15 minutes, they are to report directly to class.


Attendance Policy

Prompt and regular attendance is encouraged and necessary for successful performance and achievement.  A student should be absent or tardy only when such absence or tardy is unavoidable. 


State law lists illnessbereavement, and doctor’s appointments as the only excused absences.   [Full District Board Policy]

All others including vacations and family emergencies that are not a justifiable reason, are unexcused, and teachers retain the option of giving or not giving makeup work for unexcused absences. California State Law labels unexcused absences and associates them with truancy; it is likely your family will receive a truancy letter due to unexcused absences.


Lengthy Illness

Should your child become ill for more than five days, please contact your child’s Counselor or Assistant Principal to pursue class assignments and further educational arrangements. A doctor’s note will be required to excuse absences more than five days consecutively.


Open Campus

Arroyo High School students in grades 11 and 12 may leave campus at lunchtime.

Students in grades 9 and 10 are NOT permitted to leave campus at any time without appropriate permission from the Attendance Office.

No Student (grades 9-12) is permitted to leave campus for any reason during the A.M. Nutrition Break or the P.M. Break.



Leaving Campus During the School Day

Students who need to leave campus during the school day (all grades) must report to the Attendance Office to secure an OFF GROUNDS pass. An exception to this rule are students who travel to ROP classes daily off campus (grades 11-12). Students who leave campus without an OFF GROUNDS pass will receive a cut for the absence. State Law mandates that the school and parents communicate about students leaving school grounds.