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School starts at eight so don’t be late!!!

Punctuality to class is an important life skill to learn. When students are on time, teachers can start their lesson and students can begin learning. Individual teachers will set their own tardy policy, which can include detention following the class, after school or lunchtime detention, work detail, and Saturday School. Habitually tardy students will receive other consequences from the assistant principals’ office.



All students must carry a hall pass when out of class.



 Each student must file a Health Emergency Card, filled out by parents with the Attendance Office. This card is required prior to obtaining your program at the beginning of the school year. For your child’s safety, it is important to notify the Attendance office any time your address or phone number, including work number, changes. In an emergency, we must be able to reach a person authorized to make decisions about your child.  



The law does not permit the dispensing of any medication, including aspirin, by school personnel. Students on special medication are to contact the Assistant Principal’s Office.   VACCINATIONS The law requires students to present evidence of completed polio immunization, DPT series, and measles vaccination at the time of registration. If immunization is contrary to your religious beliefs, then written statements to that effect must be filed in the Attendance Office.  



A school physician or nurse is not provided by the school district. Students are encouraged to have a physical examination by the family doctor before entering high school. Students participating in inter-scholastic sports are required to have a yearly physical examination.




  • A student who has a medical excuse for school year must have a letter on file in the counselor’s office from the attending physician. This letter must be submitted at the beginning of each school year.
  • All notes from physicians that excuse students from physical education, even for a few days, must be brought to the counselor. The counselor will then notify the PE department as to the length of time the students will be excused.
  • note written from a parent requesting a student be excused from PE should be taken directly to the PE teacher. Day-by-day medical excuses from home need not be given to the counselor.      



Arroyo High School has several campus clubs and organizations under the direct supervision of a faculty advisor. In September during Club Rush Week, students have a chance to join any club which interests them. Students may join a club regardless of race, religion, gender, age, etc. All clubs must be approved by the A.S.B. Executive Council and Principal’s Cabinet before they receive an official club charter and begin conducting business.  





Each student at Arroyo High School is assigned a locker. However, students are advised that lockers are school property and may be inspected at any time to determine their condition and to regain misplaced or “lost” articles. Students are advised to keep their lockers for their own use and not to share this usage with others. Under no circumstances should your combination be given to anyone. Lockers are not safes, and valuable articles should not be stored in them at any time! Broken lockers or lost locks are to be reported to the Assistant Principal’s Office. Replacement locks are purchased in the Finance Office.    



All textbooks will be distributed by the bookroom during the first week of school. The student must return the same textbook, undamaged, at the end of the term or pay for damages or replacement of book. All fines are required to be paid before registration in the fall or before being allowed to attend school dances.