Academy of Health and Medicine




Mission Statement:

To provide our students and their families with the highest quality education, while creating a standard of excellence and providing a culture that supports students in developing their skills and talents.


Academy of Health and Medicine:

The Academy of Health and Medicine (H&M) is an academy designed for students who want to pursue a career in the health field. The program incorporates academics as well as practical training and health career exposure. Students will be offered classes and participate in specific field studies in order to develop their interests in the health and medical fields.

The program operates on the Arroyo High School campus. Academy of Health and Medicine Curriculum Students enrolled in the program fulfill all the requirements of a high school diploma as well as college prep curriculum. English, math, social studies and lab components have been modified to provide a relevant application to the medical and health care professions. The core curriculum is rigorous and challenging. Students learn all the components of health and how they relate to various health and medical occupations, as well as learn the basic principles and terminology of the fields and build their technical skills through work-related projects. Built into the curriculum are career and college motivation components: visits to medical/health care sites and colleges, and presentations by professionals within the community. Summer internships and job shadows for many of our students are a goal of the program, as well as assistance in job placement after graduation and/or movement into a higher education. 

Goals of the Academy:

  • To provide students with a program relevant to today’s medical and health needs and prepare students for post-secondary education. 
  • To provide vocational experiences in hospitals and health care fields to meet employment needs of the local community.
  • To provide alternatives to traditional curriculum for students who might be having difficulties choosing a career path.
  • To encourage a partnership between the private sector and the educational community.
  • To strengthen the self-confidence of the students and increase their leadership skills.


Are you interested in doing all you can to explore different opportunities our program has to offer?  Are you interested in finding a possible career pathway that is right for you?  Our elective courses provide you with just that!  PBS, HBS and Biotechnology are rigorous courses designed to show you a variety of pathways.  If you are choosing to take this pathway and take advantage of all the experiences and opportunities, you will then be eligible to graduate with distinction in your senior year.

It is our hope that students enrolled in the pathways courses will also take advantage of community service, job shadow and internship opportunities that will lead to networking of professionals in the field and valuable experience to help in determining interests and possible careers.


Steps to complete by senior year to graduate with distinction from H&M:

  • Summer reading for all 4 years (9th-12th)
  • Completion of PBS (10th)*
  • Completion of HBS (11th)*
  • Completion of Biotechnology (12th)*
  • 40 hours of community service (30 of those hours in a health, medicine, wellness field)
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Certified in Adult and Pediatric CPR and First Aid
  • Participation in a summer internship, job shadow, program, etc. OR completion of AP Bio, Physics, AP Physics, Sports Medicine, OR ROP course from H&M list
  • H&M Boosters membership for 4 years (9th-12th)
  • Senior Final Reflection (12th)

*PBS, HBS and Biotechnology are elective classes that are part of the H&M pathway




Looking for a volunteer opportunity?  Try out Med Share!

See link for details and to sign up.



If you are in need of a community service/volunteer service record sheet, you can find the document in the 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade folders in the saved files.  Any additional questions regarding community service, contact Ms. Mandel via email or swing by room S-1.



HM field trips require participants to wear the H&M polo. If you need to purchase one, swing by S-1.







Check out the attached websites for help with picking a college best for you, scholarship info, etc.

If you have any questions, you're welcome to stop by S-1 or go to the college and career center to make an appointment!


*also, be sure you have your FSA ID before you begin the process of the FAFSA!

HBS Trip to UC Davis!!

HBS goes to Garfield Innovation Center

PBS solving Anna’s case

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H&M Booster's memberships can be turned in any time throughout the year in S-1.
If you need a form, come by S-1 or download the form from the saved files.

California's New Science Standards:

Students will be learning science and engineering skills through hands-on experiences. Each year, science will builds on what they learned in previous grades. California’s Next Generation Science Standards develop students’ skills overtime, preparing them to succeed in college, in a career and in life.

Students Will Learn to Think Like Scientists and Engineers

Students will learn significant science concepts while applying mathematics, using engineering models and communicating technical information. They will approach problems the way scientists and engineers do, asking questions and making discoveries. Instead of seeking one correct answer, they will persevere in their investigation and demonstrate understanding by collecting data, developing models and using scientific and engineering processes.

For info and helpful links, go to the flyer located in the saved files.
Student comments about quarantine:

Since Coronavirus caused everyone to be in a shelter-in-place I felt like the world sort of adapted to this “New lifestyle” very quickly. At first it was difficult because I received less interaction with people. I felt very locked down, because I could not see anyone nor speak to anyone without having them feeling scared because I might’ve had the “Coronavirus” because I am Asian. Slowly the shelter in place grew on all of us, and we made things work. Daily walks, garden work, biking whatever it took to get us outside. - Excel Huynh, rising junior



I think I've been handling the quarantine quite well, as in I'm not 'going crazy' staying home all time. However, because of quarantine and school kind of ending early, I've been getting quite lazy and have been trying to stop procrastinating as well. It's really hard, honestly, and still is, so I guess remote learning makes me lazier, but when I'm able to pick myself up and do the assignments, I think I learn a lot on my own, which is something I realized during this time. I think this quarantine allowed me to self-reflect a lot too, and I felt disappointed in myself for not being very productive, but I've started to be a little more productive with activities I love, like embroidery, though I wish I can be that way for assignments. With my online internship, I hope that I can change a bit and eventually turn in all of my assignments on time. Overall, I guess I'm pretty grateful for the quarantine.  Lorraine Tran, rising senior


When quarantine first started I wasn’t so worried because we were supposed to go back to school around the beginning of April. Then it kept getting extended.  I am someone who would always say how much I want to go home as soon as I got to school. I wasn’t a fan of school at all but then being in quarantine I realized how much I really did miss it. It was the only way I was able to leave my house and hang out with my friends. I missed socializing, even if I didn’t really like talking. I missed some of my teachers and I feel as though I worked better at school. What I mean by that is being at home I had many chores I needed to finish before doing my online work. The reason I had so many chores is because my mom works at a hospital and she sees how dangerous Covid-19 is and its affect on people. She works really hard to keep us safe so I figured that every morning I would disinfect everything as much as possible.  I would also do the daily chores that I already had but instead of doing certain chores certain days I would do them every day. I have been doing this for the past three months. My family’s safety came first for me so it was a challenge to balance my time but I guess you can say I succeeded considering my junior year has ended.


One thing I also noticed was how I was given more work during quarantine than at school. I procrastinated so much because I knew I would get the work done even if it was at the last second. The one thing I probably disliked the most were the Zoom calls. I, for one, never joined any of the calls my teachers had scheduled.  It wasn’t because I was a bad student but because I would start to panic and get really anxious. When the first calls were scheduled I dreaded them and I couldn’t sleep some nights because all I could think of were those calls. I know it sounds silly and I really didn’t know why I felt that way, but I just never joined.


Although distance learning was a challenge, I’m proud of myself for finally being over and done with it. One thing I want to say is I really hope people stay safe because even during quarantine I saw many people still leaving their house and not taking any safety measures. It worries me a lot because I realize how many people aren’t taking it seriously until someone in their family dies. Why should someone lose their life in order for you to believe it, it is very much real.  As for the people that were protesting the quarantine, I don’t care if you can’t get haircuts. My mom bought a barber kit off of Amazon and she learned how to cut my Dad’s hair in a day with YouTube videos.  You can do the same. It angers me to see these people with guns protesting the quarantine and not receive a punishment. Natural selection and survival of the fittest are all I’m waiting for. The last thing I would like to add is no life will matter until Black Lives Matter!! I hope they are able to get the justice they deserve and I hope they stay safe during these protests. Things will not go back to normal because the normal was unacceptable. 

– Yuliana Vera, rising senior


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