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Coordination of Services Team (COST)

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Every school within SLZUSD has a Coordination of Services Team (COST). The COST at each school is designed to be the referral hub for all intricate student needs, including those related to academic performance, mental/behavioral health, mentoring, traditional health-care needs, internal/external athletics, art, music, employment, etc. If you are in need of additional support, please complete the form below.  If it is an emergency, please contact administrators or school counselors for an immediate intervention for the student.

Arroyo COST Services During Distance Learning


Although instruction is not happening at our school site, student needs will still arise.  Our COST members are working remotely and have developed a process for staff to refer students and families for additional support. 


Note: All students who were previously referred to COST or receiving services from our therapists, guidance counselors, site social workers, or SPED staff will remain on those caseloads and will continue to receive services by phone.


Here are the procedures based on level of need:


Level of Support Needed

Action Steps for Staff

Action Steps for COST

Tier 1

Remote community building and maintaining relationships

Regular virtual communication with students, families, and colleagues.

Weekly videos and/or information posted to encourage students/families and provide information about social, emotional and other topics.

Tier 2

Student or family in need of additional support


Examples: counseling referrals, food resources, economic hardship resources

Complete the electronic COST Form.  Find the link to the Google form via email from your administrator.



COST member will be assigned to follow up with student/family within 2-3 school days depending on level of need and availability. 


Assigned provider will email staff who referred and COST members to provide at least one update.

Tier 3

Urgent or Emergency Needs


Examples: abuse, violence, suicidality, no food in-home, medical distress


Call ASAP:

Kristian Hinz, Assistant Principal (510) 317-4014


If true emergency with imminent danger, call 911


Please remember, all staff are still mandated reporters of suspected child abuse.

Child Abuse Reporting 24 Hr:

(510) 259-1800

Administrator will contact appropriate crisis response providers (police, social worker, etc.) to provide immediate services to student/family.