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My name is Corey Kramer.  This (2020/21) is my 16th year at Arroyo.  I have taught Physical Science, Environmental Science, Geology, and Principles of Engineering.  I am currently a member of the Health & Medicine and the TREND academies, and teach Geology in both and P.O.E. in TREND. 
I attended Humboldt State University, where I earned my degree in Geology.  When I graduated, I worked for a short time the telecom industry, during the "dot com" boom.  When the bottom fell out of that industry, so did my job, so this is when I started working toward earning my credential, which is what I always wanted to do, but, you know, the money.
At that point, I started working for Playworks (formerly Sports 4 Kids).  They are an Oakland based organization that provides in school and after school, elementary recess and PE support to underfunded schools, across the country, and I was placed in the Sunol School District for a short time, then in Alameda, at Miller Elementary.  This was a great opportunity to see the workings of a school and classroom on a daily basis, and totally reinforced the idea of me becoming a teacher.  I also worked for a time as a sub in the Alameda and Castro Valley school districts, while preparing for my credential program.
I attended Cal State East Bay's teacher credential program, when I applied for a science position at Arroyo High School.   And the rest is history, as they say.
While here at Arroyo, I have worn many hats, including assistant girls volleyball coach, JV girls volleyball coach, boys and girls varsity volleyball coach (presently), curriculum designer for our Geology class, and teacher of TREND's junior elective, Principles of Engineering.
I am proud to call myself a Don, and love the diversity and flavor of Arroyo, and all that we have to offer her at AHS!