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PE Courses

The Physical Education Program is offered throughout the four years of high school. Physical Education is a required class for all freshmen and sophomores, and is an elective class for all juniors and seniors. Two years, (20 credits), are required for graduation. Objectives are to develop a level of physical fitness and health that will enable the student not only to meet the physical requirements of everyday living, but also to enjoy life. The program strives to develop physical and sports skills along with instilling the desire to use those skills for recreation during leisure periods as a student and as an adult. There are P.E. uniform requirements.
Physical Education – 9th Grade
Grade Level: 9
The Physical Education 9 course will provide an opportunity for students to participate in a variety of sports and games designed to teach teamwork, movement skills and to increase fitness levels. Emphasis is placed on development, enjoyment, and appreciation of physical activity, leading to lifelong fitness and personal well-being. This course is required of ninth-grade students. The California Physical and Health-Related Fitness Test is given as a required measurement of fitness.
Physical Education – 10th
Grade Grade Level: 10-12
Activity units in the tenth grade physical education program emphasize skill development, team play, lifetime sports, physical fitness, participation and an understanding of the need for lifetime fitness. Courses taught in this course include Frisbee, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Softball and others. This course may be repeated for credit.
Athletic PE
Grade Level: 10-12
Students will continue to be empowered to make choices, meet challenges and develop positive behaviors in fitness, wellness and movement activity for a lifetime. This course will build upon the skills gained from PE Course 1. Emphasis is placed on students analyzing skills for effective movement, strategies, and game play. Units of instruction include team sports, individual sports, fitness, and aquatics. Prerequisite: PE 9th Grade and current participation in an interscholastic sport at Arroyo. Prior approval from the Athletic Director is required to take this course.
Sports PE Exemption
Grade Level: 10-12
This exemption provides student athletes the option of earning PE credit for their active participation in a California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) approved sport. Refer to the Interscholastic Sports Exemption Contract on the Arroyo High web page for further details and requirements. Students may earn a maximum of 10 credits through this exemption. Prerequisite: Participation in a CIF approved sport, “B” or better in PE 9 and a passing score on 5 out of 6 State Physical Fitness Tests.
Modified PE with APE instructor
In the beginning of the year, we work on very basic games, skills and activities. These students either need physical help participating or a lot of individual attention to master any new skills. We work a lot on balance, coordination, being a part of a group, fine motor and fitness. As the year progresses, we will be using the general education curriculum and modifying it for our students. Our goal is to provide them with a smaller setting, a safer environment and paraprofessional support, while mimicking the general education PE class. They are dressing in the PE required uniform and will be dressing in the SDC bathroom, and using lockers. We will be using all of the general education facilities, as well as S16 which is full of exercise equipment and smart board technology. After a semester, some of these students will be given the option of staying, or moving into the general education program.
Adapted Physical Education
This student receives direct physical education services from an adapted physical education specialist who has earned a teaching credential in this specialty area. Level 4 is for students who have needs that cannot be adequately satisfied in other physical education programs as indicated by an assessment and evaluation of motor skills performance and other areas of need. Children receiving adapted physical education must have it indicated as a DIS on their IEP students. In addition to the APE teacher, students in this class have support from instructional assistants. The Adapted PE class at Arroyo is centered in room D7 and S-16; a portable classroom equipped with special adaptive PE equipment, treadmills, TV’s, recording equipment for monitoring progress, etc. Criteria for placement in Level 4: Adaptive Physical Education Impaired fine and/or gross motor skills Significant difficulty in motor functioning Not able to safely participate independently in most general physical education activities Requires 1:1 support to use physical education equipment