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STARS School Success Program

STARS School Success Program

Stars’ School Success Program provides counseling and family services to students and their families at Arroyo High School.  Success counselors partner closely with school staff and other resources to allow students easy access to services.

The purpose of our School Success Program is to help struggling students succeed in their school, home and personal lives.  To achieve this goal we offer a variety of services to students and their families or  caregivers. 

STARS’ SCHOOL SUCCESS PROGRAM  offers a full range of school-based counseling and support services including:

Comprehensive evaluation

Comprehensive individualized plans

Student counseling

Group and family counseling

Case management services

Collaboration with other school based and community resources

Medication support and evaluation

Services that are culturally responsive

Eligibility and Availability:

Students eligible to participate in our SCHOOL SUCCESS PROGRAM  must :

Be between the ages of 5 and 19

Have serious emotional  or behavioral problems at school or at home

Live in Alameda  County

 -Full-Scope Medi-Cal

Services are typically provided at school sites and are coordinated with teachers to support continued academic success. Additional supports/services are provided in the community and at the students’ homes as needed and as convenient for the child and family.  Afternoon and evening appointments are available.  Therapy services are offered year round. During COVID-19 we offer in person or telehealth services based on the comfort.