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Tech Links Business Academy offers a rigorous, relevant, business and technology curriculum that prepares students for post-high school college and career opportunities.  Our shared vision is based on the following core values:

  • To integrate a technical and academic education that leads to potential careers in technology, business, and finance.
  • To create a learning environment that fosters respect for self and others while promoting honesty and integrity.
  • To provide programs with high expectations that develop individuality and teamwork.



Students who are college bound and work-ready are our goal.  In Tech Links, we embrace the real world.  We recognize that all of our students, sooner or later, will be working in business and finance or some equally worthy career.  Exciting opportunities await our students in the working world when they are ready.  Tech Links focuses on preparing students for those opportunities, whether the next step is college, vocational training, or the working world.

In every Tech Links class, our teachers incorporate technology to build real-world skills in our students.  In addition to the academic content, we emphasize the habits of mind, the interpersonal and organizational skills, and work ethic helping our students to become successful.