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Tracie Mangini's Information Page

My name is Tracie Mangini and I have been working in the San Lorenzo Unified School District since 2003 when I started as a paraeducator substitute.  I then started teaching in this district for the 2006- 2007 school year.  I taught 3 years of General Education before becoming a Special Education teacher.  I have taught Elementary, Middle, and now High School.
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, walking my dog, "glamping", and fishing with my husband.  
California State University, Hayward (East Bay):  I received my BA in Liberal Studies with a minor in American Sign Language.  I continued my education and received my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. 
Sacramento State: I received my Education Specialist Credential for students with moderate to severe disabilities. 

Daily instruction time is 8:00-3:10 on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and is 8:00-1:45 on Wednesday. 


Anyone on campus for any reason MUST sign in through the Main Office or Attendance Office.  This is for everyone’s safety.  This means when you come to the school for an IEP, you need to first go to the Main Office and sign in to get a visitor’s pass.  If you need to speak to me or would like to come observe, you need to contact me directly via phone or email to make an appointment.  

All visits to the classroom need to have a 24 hour notice.


If your child is absent from school, it is your responsibility to call the Attendance Office at (510) 317-4199.  Attendance is important if your child is to make progress on goals.  In addition to this, if you arrive to school late you need to go to the Attendance Office to sign your child in.  They will call the classroom and an adult will come down to pick up your child to bring them to class.  If you need to pick up your child early, you need to go to the Attendance Office to sign them out and they will call the classroom for an adult to bring your child to you in the office.

District Tools I Use:
Attendance:  I take attendance using Aeries.  You can check your child's attendance through the Aeries Family Portal or the Aeries app.
Grades/Gradebook:  I use the Aeries Gradebook so families can view grades through the Aeries Parent Portal or the Aeries app.  Grades are based on the following:
Report Cards/Progress on Goals:  I use Aeries to generate report cards and give a Pass/Fail grade.  Families can view report cards through the Aeries Parent Portal.  Progress on goals are done each quarter with the exception of the quarter in which your child's IEP is held.  The progress given at he IEP is the progress on goals for that quarter.