Arroyo Athletics

The Mission of Arroyo High School Athletics is:

to provide students with an opportunity to broaden and strengthen their educational experience through participation in team sports. Our student athletes learn integral life skills such as respect, commitment, discipline, integrity, and sportsmanship. By fostering these skills, and many others, Arroyo High School Athletics aims to develop student athletes with a healthy self-concept who will strive for success inside the classroom and out, and who will make positive contributions to our community.


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PE Waiver Process:


  • PE teachers will distribute PE waivers after spring break.
  • Students will have 2 weeks to return completed waivers.  They should be turned in to their PE teacher.
  • The PE department chair will compile a list of all students that are eligible for the PE waiver, to be sent to the appropriate counselor.
  • At the end of the school year, the athletic director will verify that the lists are correct, based on passing of the physical fitness tests.
  • Students will be programmed into their electives, but at any time may be placed into a PE class if found ineligible for the waiver. 
  • Students that fail to complete the requirements for the waiver can expect to be assigned to a PE class in either junior or senior year to complete the graduation requirements.