Jennifer Rodrigues » About me...................

About me...................


What's your name?


The students call me JRod.

What subject do you teach?

Physical Education, Leadership, & Director of Activities

Please describe your education in the past from colleges & universities 

Cal State Hayward - 1996-2001- B.S in Kinesiology w/ PE Teaching Option

Cal State Hayward - 2002-2003- Teaching Credential

Concordia University Irvine – 2011-2013 – Masters in Coaching and Athletic Administration


How long have your been a teacher/staff member? How long have you worked for AHS?

I have been teaching at Arroyo for 17 years.  I have been in the San Lorenzo Unified School District for 18 years.  I spent my first year as a substitute teacher mostly working at Arroyo.

If you could pick one animal to describe yourself, what would it be and why?

My mammal would be a Dolphin.  Dolphins are amazingly agile, athletic and have a playful behavior, making them a favorite of wildlife watchers. Dolphins live in social groups and they have a very loosely structured lifestyle and freely socialize among many different pods.  Dolphins will reach out and joyfully interact with people on a regular basis.

What are some of your hobbies?

Sports I enjoy watching and playing
Coaching Swimming
Essential Oils

What is one of your favorite memories working here at AHS?

Being here at Arroyo for 18 years I have many favorite memories. Here are my top 10:

1) Attending my first high school football game. I went to a high school that didn’t have football.

2) First Homecoming rally – the spirit was insane.  I also participated in my 1st teacher skit (I was a California Raisin).

3) Being the class advisor for the class of 2005 and winning Homecoming both Junior and Senior year.  This class was an amazing group and had such a strong bond!

4) A couple of years ago all of 3 out of 5 of my ASB presidents had all come back to see me before winter break.

4a) A former student while at dinner came up to me and thanked me for all I did for him in HS.  He told me that there are only 3 people in his life who have made an impact on him his dad, Mr. Hitchcock, and me.  By that time he had me in tears and I told him his words meant a lot.

5) Playing Bishop O’Dowd in 2004 for the HAAL Football Championship. In the 4th quarter all the students came down onto the track as the game was nearing the end and we were up.  I kept thinking in my head how was little me going to control 300+ students. So I led them in Defense cheers. Well O’Dowd tried to kick a field goal to win it, but they missed and the sea of red and black stormed the field in victory.  Well the flag flew and I thought it was because we rushed the field, but come to find out it was for roughing the kicker. So we get the field cleared and O’Dowd has another chance and this time they get blocked and we win the HAAL Title.

6) The spirit and family atmosphere on this campus pre 2008.  So much fun and so lively!

7) Traveling down South to watch some track athletes participate in the state meet then flying back up Saturday to go to the Oakland Coliseum to watch the Baseball Team play in the NCS Finals.  We lost the game but what an experience it was!

8)  Taking my 1st group of Arroyo Swimmers to NCS!

9)  Getting to be a part of all of the rallies, dances, lunch activities, events, school wide activities, making a difference and more on this campus.   

10)  Throwing a tailgate party for our students before the SLZ basketball game one year.  We gave away free t-shirts, face paint, hot dogs, music, and more.  Thinking we would only have 150 students show up 300+ showed up.  I had to order more shirts on the spot.  After the tailgate we had a police escort (with lights and sirens) to the gym and drumline leading the students into the gym.  As the students came through the gym in masses the look on the SLZ players’ faces was priceless.  The students filled the bleachers behind the teams and there was nowhere for the parents to sit.  You could feel the electricity in the gym that night!

11) Creating memories and stories for students to last a lifetime!

What is some advice you have for students here at AHS?

Have no regrets….get involved in everything you can!

Create memories to last a lifetime!

Be kind to yourself and others!

Be grateful!

Every choice you make shapes your character, so choose wisely!

Everything worth doing takes time and effort!

Say thank you!

Attitude matters more than intelligence or talent!