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Career Directions

Find Your Career Path
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Here are some sites to help you figure out what you want and how to get there!

New California one-stop site for College and Career! (Track your college admissions and FAFSA)

Connect College Majors to Careers: (starting salaries) (ads)


Jobs without a college degree: vocational and educational training: (job training)

apprenticeships in trades


Explore Eden Area ROP for High School or Adults:

career pathways or classes


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Great college and career - online resources through the public libraries!!

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Be a Teen Volunteer - Community Service Opportunities!
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Life after high school...
What will it look like for you? What career direction are you considering? Whether or not you go to college, you'll have to choose a path. Thinking about it... can be scary... stressful... exciting…

Have you thought hard about what you really want? Do you feel the pressure to do what others are doing?